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Full Series Original iPad LCD Display Screen Assembly

Quality:  Original/OEM/Assembled NewGrade AAA.

Warranty Service: 12 Month. Directly Replace,No need Return.

Price: Latest Wholesale Prices

Ship From: Shenzhen,China.


Source Factory Supply Aftermarket iPhone LCD iPhone 8P 8G 7P 7G 6SP 6S 6G Display Screen Replacement

Quality: Original/OEM/Aftermarket,Grade AAA. 

Warranty: Provide 1 year warranty, if there is any quality problem, directly replace with new one, no need to return the defective product.

Quality Control: Grade AAA.no dust,no dead pixel,no scratch on front glass panel,no burn-in problem(for amoled screen),no frame problem,no backlight problem. Supply Grade AAA Screen Only.

Introduction of different qualities

Original New: The original screen comes from the foundry, and the quality is up to the official standard in all aspects.

OEM New: On the original screen with a cracked front glass, only the cracked glass is replaced by a new one, without replacing any other parts. e.g:Core components LCD Module(LCD,touch tigitizer,flex vable,IC chips).therefore, from a professional point of view, its quality(stability,display) is exactly the same as the original screen.

Assembled New: The third-party factory assembles the screen with the original LCD, original cable, and original IC.Quality is second only to OEM,Which is more suitable for those customer who pay less cost to get original quality.

Welcome to our wholesale platform, your one-stop destination for Original, OEM, and aftermarket iPad LCD display screens. We understand that different customers have varying needs and budget considerations, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of quality options to suit every requirement.

Original iPad LCD display screens are sourced directly from the manufacturer, ensuring authenticity and compatibility with iPad models. These screens uphold the highest standards of quality and performance, providing an unparalleled viewing experience for users who prioritize excellence and reliability.

OEM iPad LCD display screens are manufactured by third-party companies authorized by Apple to produce replacement parts. While not sourced directly from the original manufacturer, these screens are built to OEM specifications, offering a balance of quality and affordability. They provide a reliable alternative for customers seeking genuine-like performance without the premium price tag.

For customers with budget constraints, we also offer aftermarket iPad LCD display screens. These screens are produced by independent manufacturers and are often priced more competitively than Original or OEM options. While they may not match the exact specifications of the original screens, they still deliver satisfactory performance and functionality for everyday use.

As a wholesale supplier, we cater to repair shops and distributors seeking to meet the diverse needs of their clientele. Our extensive inventory of iPad LCD display screens ensures that you can find the perfect fit for every repair job and customer preference. Whether you prioritize authenticity, affordability, or a balance of both, we have you covered.

We understand the importance of maintaining a competitive edge in the mobile repair industry. That's why we offer competitive pricing on bulk orders, allowing repair shops and distributors to maximize their profit margins while offering quality iPad LCD display screens to their customers.

Partner with us as your preferred wholesale supplier for iPad LCD display screens, and gain access to a wide range of options to meet the needs of your diverse clientele. Browse our inventory today and elevate your repair business with quality replacement parts at unbeatable prices.