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iPhone x lcd refurbish

Do you have broken lcd screen but good display and touch function? Do not throw it away!

Our company also provide refurbished service for LCD screen with broken front glass.You only need pay small processing fee,and can get new screen. We promise that brand new screen you will receive is still your own screen. The only difference is broken front glass is replaced by brand new high quality front panel. (please leave a stamp on your LCD flex cable).



 Please read these terms and conditions carefully before sending us the broken screens for refurbish.

1. Make sure only glass is damaged, touch and LCD are both working normally.
2. We currently accept phone models include iPhone,Samsung,LG,SONY,Huawei.For more model, pls consult us.
3. We do not guarantee the refurbish rate which depends on customers’ own screens.(refurbish rate is over 95% if your lcd screen can work normally after we test.)
4. The refurbished screens can not enjoy the warranty policy.



 lcd refurbish