Know Products Better

Notice: In our website, Original New means full original brand new,from original foundries,best quality on the market.
OEM means there is only front glass is replaced on basis of full original screens,remaining is original parts.So quality is very stable, second only to full original quality.
Copy means copy screens but inner lcd is original,other parts like flex cable glass frame are copy.

Grade A means no dust, no dead pixel,no statics,no scratch on front glass. Highest test standard.

As we know, there is various quality parts on market.Take iPhone Lcd screens for example, There is full original brand new, original teardown, original refurbished, copy with original lcd and copy with copy domestic lcd,also include grade A,grade B and grade C.

if do not know products quality very clearly, you may purchase bad quality products.So how to distinguish different quality parts? below is main identification method.

How to distinguish original new, original refurbished and copy screens?

How to distinguish original new iphone6 6 plus screens?

1.For original new screens, there is oxidation blue around front camera position on front glass.

2.For original iphone6 screens, there is QR Code on metal connector pad. no the qr code on copy screens.

3.For original iphone6 6plus screens, there is heat sink strip, no these on copy screens.