Although iOS 11.4 was initially considered by most iPhone users to be a fairly mature, near-perfect system update, it turns out not to be the case. At least for some iPhone users, iOS 11.4 still has some significant problems, because the update may cause some of the features of their own devices to be unusable, such as the camera fault is the latest discovered BUG.
Earlier this month, there were reports that a major battery problem occurred in the iOS 11.4 update. This led to severe power consumption. In particular, some older models have the most significant impact on the iPhone. In the most amazing case, the power consumption dropped from 50% to 20%. It takes only a few minutes. According to foreign media FoxNews reports, the iOS 11.4 update also caused some iPhone models to fail to use the camera.

The report pointed out that many users have complained on social media that after upgrading their iPhone to iOS 11.4, the camera opened black and could not be used to take photos. At the same time, other users reported that after the system was updated, the iPhone camera couldn't focus properly, and a few users said that the camera of the iPhone had an image color error after updating.

iphone camera failure

In fact, after reading some of the posts in Apple's official community, iPhone users who have upgraded iOS 11.4 did experience similar problems. However, the users who have problems indicated that there is currently no suitable solution, and the recovery is not normal, and the general reboot or heavy weight After the design, the problem remains.

From the feedback posts, most of the camera malfunctions after upgrading iOS 11.4 are older models. The iPhone 8 series and iPhone X released last year seem to be unaffected, because users of these models have not received feedback. From the complaining users, most of them are iPhone 6s, but there are also iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 users feedback.

iphone camera failure

At present, Apple officials have not yet acknowledged this loophole. According to the corresponding BUG complaining incident before, unless this issue becomes very common, Apple officials will not speak out, and if Apple has noticed this bug, then the affected device will be on the next iOS. The update will be fixed.
For those users with camera malfunctions, the most unfortunate news may be that iOS 11.3.1 authentication was closed by Apple after iOS 11.4 was released, so it was not possible to solve the problem by downgrading. The only way is to ask Apple for help or wait Update.

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