Chinese factory has produced iphone x oled screens to better replace the expensive original screen. Currently,there are 2 kinds of iPhone X OLED screen depending on material..One is the iphone x screen with flexible oled screen and the other is the iphone x screen with inflexible oled screen. We Skycet got iPhone X flexible OLED Screen sample,and conducted tests. Below is their important function comparison result with the original screen.

1. Comparing face ID

Face ID can work normally on iPhone X Original screen,iPhone X OLED screen.

2. Comparing display effect

Display effect of iPhone X original screen is almost same with aftermarket iPhone X OLED screen.

iphone x display effect


3. Comparing 3D function

3D function can work well on iPhone X Original screen,iPhone X OLED screen.

iphone x 3d function


5.Whether can pass polarized sunglasses test?

After comparison, under polarized glasses, the screen content can be perfectly presented.

 iphone x polarizer test


6.Ambient light sensor Test(auto-brightness adjustment)

Ambient light sensor function of iPhone X OLED screen can not normally work after replace screen.There is only original iPhone X screen that tear down from motherboard have ambient light sensor function. Even if replaced Original iPhone X screen's auto-brightness adjustment function still can not work. But this problem can be solved well by using multi-functional programmer with indicator light reminding.